Robert Service's Bio

I was introduced to electrical contracting at a very young age (12). This trade was passed down to me by my Father and his determination to make sure I did something productive with my life (he is a good man and I love him very much). 

I worked for him for nine years until I decided to try something different. I took a position with at the time was Marriott Travel Plazas (Host Marriott). In my new position I learned the fundamentals of commercial kitchen equipment and refrigeration. I stayed with it for many Years. 

I moved on to Coca-Cola where I learned how to repair vending machines. After moving into a management position I left the company and went to work for a commercial kitchen company in Fairfield NJ for a couple years. I wanted a better position and found one with a competitor in Brooklyn. After a couple years there I heard talk of them closing offices and felt that I need more stability. 

I left them and opened up R. Service Maintenance L.L.C. full time. We specialized in Commercial Kitchens and QSR restaurants. At the end of 2008 I felt the crunch of the economy and struggled to keep my company above water. I was failing and after ten years in business and three years of constant struggle I had no choice and I temporally closed the doors got a divorce and a job. 

I worked for a hotel group in central NJ and built a Maintenance Department for three hotels. The owners liked me and I liked them (their good people) but after a few years I felt the need to move on (I need constant challenge).

  I have been gaining more and more ground with R. Service Maintenance and getting a larger customer base and focusing on customer service and satisfaction. 

I have a total of thirty years electrical and twenty five years HVAC&R repairs design and installation. I believe that if you want to make a difference than it is up to you to act on it. 

I am a Volunteer in my community because I want to be an active member of my community and make a difference where I live. In the past I have volunteered at my children’s Catholic school and was very active with in the Church and School’s maintenance Department in Old Bridge. 

I hold several licenses and certifications and am very professional.